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Nearly a Nasty Accident 1961 DVD - Jimmy Edwards / Kenneth Connor

The RAF Group Captain has a hard job to restrain the aircraft-man from tinkering with everything he can get his hands on.


Jimmy Edwards as Group Captain Kingsley
Kenneth Connor as AC 2 Alexander Wood
Shirley Eaton as Corporal Jean Briggs
Eric Barker as Air Minister
Jon Pertwee as General Birkinshaw
Ronnie Stevens as Flight Lieutenant Pocock
Richard Wattis as Wagstaffe
Joyce Carey as Lady Trowborough
Peter Jones as Flight Lieutenant Winters
Terry Scott as Sam Stokes
Charlotte Mitchell as Miss Chamberlain
Jack Watling as Flight Lieutenant Grogan
Joe Baker as Watkins
Jack Douglas as Balmer
Cyril Chamberlain as Warrant Officer Breech
John Forrest as Flight Lieutenant Bunthorpe
Vincent Ball as Sergeant at Crybwyth
Harold Goodwin as Aircraft Mechanic

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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