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No Room at the Inn 1948 DVD - Freda Jackson / Joy Shelton

With the mass evacuation of children from British cities in the early months of World War II, the teenage Mary O'Rane (Ann Stephens) is sent from her home to live in a small town in an unthreatened area. She is billeted at the home of Mrs. Voray (Freda Jackson), a widow who has already taken in several other evacuee children. Mary soon discovers that behind Mrs. Vosey's outwardly respectable, pious and charitable front lies a vicious, sadistic woman with a fondness for alcohol who behind closed doors treats her charges with undisguised cruelty, forcing them to live in conditions of squalor and semi-starvation while pocketing the money intended for their upkeep to spend on drink and personal fripperies.

The obvious unhappiness and shabby appearance of Mary and her fellows alarms Mary's young schoolteacher Judith Drave (Joy Shelton), who takes her concerns about the children's welfare both to local councillors and the church but finds her worries largely disregarded and her pleas for intervention ignored. In desperation Judith appeals to the charity of neighbours to take the children in themselves. Despite having expressed privately amongst themselves their disapproval of what appears to be going on in the Vosey household however, all come up with excuses as to why they are unable to help.

When Mary's father (Niall MacGinnis) arrives to visit her, she tries to communicate to him what is going on. Mrs. Vosey however, forewarned of his arrival, has managed to hide any incriminating evidence and when he confronts her about Mary's allegations, she easily convinces him that they stem from a teenage girl's typical lively imagination and sense of drama. To Mary's horror, far from rescuing her from her situation, her father ends his visit by accompanying Mrs. Vosey for a night on the town. Eventually Mary is drawn into the shady world of petty thievery by her fellow evacuee Norma (Joan Dowling).

Matters come to a head when Mrs. Vosey goes out for the evening and returns to find that one of her young charges has damaged a new hat she has recently bought. In an alcohol-fuelled fury, she drags him to the coal cellar and locks him in for the night as punishment. In the small hours, Mary and Norma sneak out of bed to release him. Mrs. Vosey is awakened by the noise and goes down to confront them. Things take an unexpected turn, and Mrs. Vosey is accidentally killed.


Freda Jackson as Mrs. Voray
Ann Stephens as Mary O'Rane
Joan Dowling as Norma Bates
Joy Shelton as Judith Drave
Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Waters
Niall MacGinnis as O'Rane
Harcourt Williams as Rev. Allworth
Frank Pettingell as Burrells
Sydney Tafler as Spiv
Betty Blackler as Lily
Jill Gibbs as Irene
Stanley Conett as Ronnie
Wylie Watson as Councillor Green
James Hayter as Councillor Trouncer
Eliot Makeham as News Editor
Jack Melford as Councillor Wordsworth
Cyril Smith as Store Detective
Marie Ault as Vicar's Maid
Vera Bogetti as Barmaid
Beatrice Varley as Mrs. Jarvis

Runtime: 65 Minutes

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