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On the Night of the Fire / The Fugitive 1939 DVD - Ralph Richardson / Diana Wynyard


A barber steals £100 from a tailor to settle his extravagant wife's debts. Discovering who committed the theft the tailor starts to blackmail the barber. When a fire breaks out in the tenements and spreads through the area the barber murders the tailor.


Ralph Richardson as Will Kobling
Diana Wynyard as Kit Cobling
Romney Brent as Jimsey Jones
Mary Clare as Lizzie Crane
Henry Oscar as Pilleger
Dave Crowley as Jim Smith
Gertrude Musgrove as Dora Smith
Frederick Leister as Inspector
Ivan Brandt as Wilson
Sara Allgood as Charwoman
Glynis Johns as Mary Carr
Amy Dalby as Hospital Nurse
Irene Handl as Neighbour
Maire O'Neill as Neighbour

Runtime: 94 Minutes

In the USA This Title is know as: The Fugitive

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