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Peyton Place 1957 DVD - Lana Turner / Lee Philips

It's the pre-WWII era. Peyton Place is a small town in New England, whose leading adult citizens rule the town with their high moral standards, which they try to pass on to their offspring. The adults, especially those that wield power largely through their positions and/or through their wealth, will not tolerate anything they believe morally improper, even if there is a hint of impropriety without comprehensive evidence to back up the hints. As their offspring grow from teenagers to adults, the offspring learn that there is much hypocrisy by the adults lying underneath that façade of proper Christian morals. The offspring begin to rebel in different ways, which is brought to public scrutiny with the arrival into town of an "outsider", the new young high school principal Michael Rossi, and through a murder trial. 


Lana Turner - Constance MacKenzie
Diane Varsi - Allison MacKenzie
Hope Lange - Selena Cross
Lee Philips - Michael Rossi
Arthur Kennedy - Lucas Cross
Lloyd Nolan - Dr. Matthew Swain
Russ Tamblyn - Norman Page
Terry Moore - Betty Anderson
David Nelson - Ted Carter
Barry Coe - Rodney Harrington
[( Betty ((Nellie Cross))
Mildred Dunnock - Miss Elsie Thornton
Leon Ames - Leslie Harrington
Lorne Greene - District Attorney
Staats Cotsworth - Charles Partridge
Peg Hillias - Marion Partridge
Scotty Morrow - Joey Cross (uncredited)

Runtime: 162 Minutes

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