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Pickup Alley 1957 DVD - Victor Mature / Anita Ekberg

U.S. narcotics agent Charles Sturgis trails international dope smuggler Frank McNally by following his reluctant accomplice, Gina Broger, through the "pickup alleys" of New York, London, Lisbon, Rome, Naples and Athens. When Gina is finally arrested by Interpol, she helps Sturgis trace McNally and his $3,000,000 consignment back to New York.


Victor Mature as Charles Sturgis
Anita Ekberg as Gina Broger
Trevor Howard as Frank McNally
Bonar Colleano as Amalio
Dorothy Alison as Helen
André Morell as Commissioner Breckner
Martin Benson as Captain Varolli
Eric Pohlmann as Etienne Fayala
Peter Illing as Captain Baris
Sydney Tafler as Curtis
Lionel Murton as Murphy
Danny Green as Second Bartender
Alec Mango as Salko
Sid James as Joe as First Bartender
Marne Maitland as Guido Martinelli
Harold Kasket as Kalish

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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