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Port of 40 Thieves 1944 DVD - Stephanie Bachelor / Tom Keene

Muriel is the scheming widow of the fabulously wealthy Hartford Chaney III. Muriel's husband has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, freeing her to marry her playboy paramour Frederick St. Clair. However, Chaney's daughter from a previous marriage, suspects that her father has been murdered.


Stephanie Bachelor as Muriel Chaney
Tom Keene as Scott Barton
Lynne Roberts as Nancy Hubbard Chaney
Olive Blakeney as Aunt Caroline Hubbard
Russell Hicks as Charles Farrington
George Meeker as Frederick St. Clair
Mary Field as Della
Ellen Lowe as Miss Jones
Patricia Knox as Gladys Burns
John Hamilton as Mr. Fellows
Harry Depp as Train Conductor

Runtime: 58 Minutes

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