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Pursued 1947 DVD - Teresa Wright / Robert Mitchum


A boy haunted by nightmares about the night his entire family was murdered is brought up by a neighbouring family in the 1880s. He falls for his lovely adoptive sister but his nasty adoptive brother and mysterious uncle want him dead.


Teresa Wright as Thorley "Thor" Callum
Robert Mitchum as Jeb Rand
Judith Anderson as Mrs. Callum
Dean Jagger as Grant Callum
Alan Hale Sr. as Jake Dingle
John Rodney as Adam Callum
Harry Carey, Jr. as Prentice
Bobby "Bonedust" Young as The Sergeant
Ernest Severn as Jeb Rand, age 11
Charles Bates as Adam Callum, age 11
Peggy Miller as Thor Callum, age 10
Ian Wolfe as Coroner
Norman Jolley as A Callum
Lane Chandler as A Callum
Elmer Ellingwood as A Callum
Jack Montgomery as A Callum

Runtime: 101 Minutes

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