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Quiet Please: Murder 1942 DVD - George Sanders / Gail Patrick

Jim Fleg (George Sanders), a ruthless, egotistical criminal, steals a priceless Shakespeare folio from the public library, killing a guard during the crime. With his partner, Myra Blandy (Gail Patrick), Fleg forges and sells copies of the folio to unscrupulous collectors. Hal McByrne (Richard Denning), a tough, unrelenting detective traces several of the forgeries back to Myra. She and Fled plot to eliminate McBryne at the scene of the original crime the public library. In the meantime, a buyer of one of the forgeries is demanding his money back or else and trails Myra and Fleg to the library


George Sanders as Jim Fleg
Gail Patrick as Myra Blandy
Richard Denning as Hal McByrne
Lynne Roberts as Kay Ryan
Sidney Blackmer as Martin Cleaver
Kurt Katch as Eric Pahsen
Byron Foulger as Edmund Walpole
George Walcott as Benson
Paul Porcasi as Rebescu
Margaret Brayton as Miss Oval
Mae Marsh as Miss Hartwig
Lon McCallister as Freddie, the Stack Boy (as Bud McCallister)
Charles Tannen as Hollis, phoney detective in dark coat
Arthur Space as Vance
Charles Cane as Inspector Henderson

Runtime: 70 Minutes

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