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Raising A Riot 1955 DVD - Kenneth More / Shelagh Fraser


Commander Peter Kent of the Royal Navy and his wife May have three children, ranging form five to eleven years: Peter, Anne and Fusty. Kent comes home after three years abroad with no idea how to handle the children.

When Mary has to fly to Canada, Peter takes his children to his father's new country home, which turns out to be a windmill. They end up clashing with an American family in the neighbourhood.


Kenneth More - Peter Kent
Shelagh Fraser - Mary Kent
Mandy Miller - Anne Kent
Gary Billings - Peter Kent
Fusty Bentine - Fusty Kent
Ronald Squire - Grampy
Olga Lindo - Aunt Maud
Lionel Murton - Hary
Mary Laura Wood - Jacqueline
Jan Miller - Sue
Nora Nicholson - Miss Pettigrew
Anita Sharp-Bolster - Mrs Buttons
Michael Bentine - The Professor
Dorothy Dewhurst - Mother
Robin Brown - Junior

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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