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Raw Deal 1948 DVD - Dennis O'Keefe / Claire Trevor

Joe Sullivan is itching to get out of prison. He's taken the rap for Rick, who owes him $50 Grand. Rick sets up an escape for Joe, knowing that Joe will be caught escaping and be shot or locked away forever. But with the help of his love-struck girl Pat and his sympathetic legal caseworker Ann, Joe gets further than he's supposed to, and we are posed with two very important questions: Is Joe really the cold and heartless criminal he appears to be, or is there a heart of gold under that gritty exterior? And does Joe belong with the tough, street-wise Pat, or with the prim, moralizing Ann?.


Dennis O'Keefe as Joseph Emmett (Joe) Sullivan
Claire Trevor as Pat Cameron
Marsha Hunt as Ann Martin
John Ireland as Fantail
Raymond Burr as Rick Coyle
Curt Conway as Spider
Regis Toomey as Police Capt. Fields
Whit Bissell as Murderer

Runtime: 79 Minutes

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