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Red Canyon 1949 DVD - Ann Blyth / Howard Duff


The plot revolves around Black Velvet, a wild stallion that runs rampant across the range. Two people, reformed bad man Lin Sloan (played by Howard Duff) and tomboyish farmer's daughter Lucy Bostel (Ann Blyth), think they can tame him. In the process, they tame each other.


Ann Blyth as Lucy Bostel
Howard Duff as Lin Sloan
George Brent as Matthew Bostel
Edgar Buchanan as Jonah Johnson
John McIntire as Floyd Cordt
Chill Wills as Brackton
Jane Darwell as Aunt Jane
Lloyd Bridges as Virgil Cordt
James Seay as Joel Creech
Edmund MacDonald as Farlane
David Clarke as Sears
Denver Pyle as Hutch
Willard W. Willingham as Van

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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