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Ride the Man Down 1952 DVD - Brian Donlevy / Rod Cameron

A rancher dies leaving his considerable spread to his daughter. The ranch foreman has to battle off rascally neighbor ranchers who try to illegally claim the dead rancher's land. Brian Donlevy appears as one of the encroachers and Rod Cameron is the stalwart ranch foreman.


Brian Donlevy as Bide Marriner
Rod Cameron as Will Ballard
Ella Raines as Celia Evarts
Forrest Tucker as Sam Danfelser
Barbara Britton as Lottie Priest
Chill Wills as Ike Adams
J. Carrol Naish as Sheriff Joe Kneen
Jim Davis as Red Courteen
Taylor Holmes as Lowell Priest
James Bell as John Evarts
Paul Fix as Ray Cavanaugh
Al Caudebec as Mel Young
Roydon Clark as Jim Young
Roy Barcroft as Russ Schultz
Douglas Kennedy as Harve Garrison
Chris-Pin Martin as Chris
Jack La Rue as Kennedy
Claire Carleton as Amelia

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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