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River Lady 1948 DVD - Yvonne De Carlo / Dan Duryea


During the 1850s, crooked lumber syndicate man Beauvais tries to take over the local mill while Sequin, the sensual owner of a gambling riverboat, tries to control the heart of Mississippi lumberjack Dan Corrigan.


Yvonne De Carlo as Sequin
Dan Duryea as Beauvais
Rod Cameron as Dan Corrigan
Helena Carter as Stephanie Morrison
Lloyd Gough as Mike Riley
Florence Bates as Ma Dunnegan
John McIntire as H.L. Morrison
Jack Lambert as Swede
Esther Somers as Mrs. Morrison
Anita Turner as Esther
Edmund Cobb as Rider
Dewey Robinson as Bouncer
Eddy Waller as Hewitt
Milton Kibbee as Limpy
Billy Wayne as Dealer

Runtime: 78 Minutes

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