Rocky Mountain 1950 DVD - Errol Flynn / Patrice Wymore

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A Confederate troop, led by Captain Lafe Barstow, is prowling the far ranges of California and Nevada in a last desperate attempt to build up an army in the West for the faltering Confederacy. Because the patrol saves a stagecoach, with Johanna Carter as one of the passengers, from an Indian attack, and is marooned on a rocky mountain, it fails in its mission but the honor of the Old South is upheld.


Errol Flynn as Capt. Lafe Barstow
Patrice Wymore as Johanna Carter
Scott Forbes as Lt. Rickey
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as "Pap" Dennison (credited as Guinn Williams)
Dickie Jones as Jimmy Wheat (credited as Dick Jones)
Howard Petrie as Cole Smith "California Beal"
Slim Pickens as Plank
Chubby Johnson as Gil Craigie
Robert "Buzz" Henry as Kip Waterson (credited as Buzz Henry)
Sheb Wooley as Kay Rawlins
Peter Coe as Pierre Duchesne
"Rush" Williams as Jonas Weatherby
Harry Lauter as Cutting, Generator Technician

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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