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Saddle Tramp 1950 DVD - Joel McCrea / Wanda Hendrix

Carefree Chuck Connor is on his way west and stops off to see an old friend and his four lads. When his host is killed in a riding accident Chuck realises he must take care of the family. They hit the road and he takes a job on a ranch, but he has to keep the children hidden as his boss hates kids. There's also tension with the neighbouring ranch, and when a girl on the run from her nasty uncle joins the family unannounced Chuck wonders what he has done to deserve all this.


Joel McCrea as Chuck Conner
Wanda Hendrix as Della
John Russell as Rocky
John McIntire as Jess Higgins
Jeanette Nolan as Ma Higgins
Russell Simpson as Pop
Ed Begley as Mr. August Hartnagle
Jimmy Hunt as Robbie
Orley Lindgren as Tommie
Gordon Gebert as Johnnie
Gregory Moffett as Butch
Antonio Moreno as Martinez
John Ridgely as Slim
Walter Coy as The Stranger
Joaquin Garay as Pancho
Peter Leeds as Springer
Michael Steele as Orvie
Paul Picerni as Denver

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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