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Safari 1956 DVD - Victor Mature / Janet Leigh

During the Mau Mau Uprising in British Kenya in the 1950s, settler hunter Ken Duffield is a hired guide for a lion hunting party but he also hopes to find the Mau Mau rebel who killed his family.


Victor Mature as Ken Duffield
Janet Leigh as Linda Latham
John Justin as Brian Sinden
Roland Culver as Sir Vincent Brampton
Liam Redmond as Roy Shaw
Earl Cameron as Jeroge (Njoroge)
Orlando Martins as Jerusalem
Juma as Odongo
Lionel Ngakane as Kakora
Harry Quashie as O'Keefe
Slim Harris as Renegade
Cy Grant as Chief Massai
John Wynn as Charley
Arthur Lovegrove as Blake
Estelle Brody as Aunty May

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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