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Salute John Citizen 1942 DVD - Edward Rigby / Mabel Constanduros

The life of an ordinary family during the London Blitz. In the summer before that explosive September, elderly clerk Mr. Bunting (Edward Rigby) loses his job at the Department store where he's worked for over 40 years. George Bunting is the head of a happy home, with wife Mary (Mabel Constanduros), daughter Julie (Peggy Cummins), and two sons, Chris (Eric Micklewood) and Ernest (Jimmy Hanley). When the Blitz hits London, we observe its effect on the family, and how they cope with the crisis. Mr. Bunting is rehired in his former job due to the shortage of manpower, though little else in his life is positive. Daughter Julie goes to work in a factory. The London blitz destroys everything in sight, and one of his sons, Chris, is killed. In the wake of this destruction, his other son, Ernest is converted from pacifism to the war effort.


Edward Rigby - Mr. Bunting
Mabel Constanduros - Mrs. Bunting
Jimmy Hanley - Ernest Bunting
Eric Micklewood - Chris Bunting
Peggy Cummins - Julie Bunting
Dinah Sheridan - Evie
Charles Deane - Bert Rollo
Stanley Holloway - Oskey
George Robey - Corder
David Keir - Turner

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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