San Antonio 1945 DVD - Errol Flynn / Alexis Smith

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Clay Hardin is a San Antonio rancher who has been run off his land by cattle rustlers. There's a range war going on and Hardin is determined to get the man behind it all, Roy Stuart. Hardin has been hiding out in Mexico, biding his time and decides the time has come for him to return. He's managed to get hold of one of Stuart's tally books that clearly shows he was selling cattle that didn't belong to him. Stuart and his partner Legare will go to any lengths to stop Hardin before he can put the evidence before a court. Beautiful dance hall performer Jeanne Starr arrives in San Antonio under contract to Stuart and Legare but she is clearly smitten with the handsome Hardin. When the army is called away, Hardin and his supporters are left on their own to defend themselves.


Errol Flynn - Clay Hardin
Alexis Smith - Jeanne Starr
S.Z. Sakall - Sacha Bozic (as S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall)
Victor Francen - Legare
Florence Bates - Henrietta
John Litel - Charlie Bell
Paul Kelly - Roy Stuart
Robert Shayne - Captain Morgan
John Alvin - Pony Smith
Monte Blue - Cleve Andrews
Robert Barrat - Colonel Johnson
Pedro de Cordoba - Ricardo Torreon
Tom Tyler - Lafe McWilliams

Runtime: 109 Minutes

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