Scene of the Crime 1949 DVD - Van Johnson / Arlene Dahl

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Homicide detective Mike Conovan investigates the shooting of fellow detective Monigan, who apparrently was moonlighting as guard for a bookie. He finds that all the bookies in town are being robbed, most upsetting to the racket bosses who can't get normal police protection. Mike encounters blind alleys and double crosses, and is distracted by his wife's growing disenchantment. 


Van Johnson as Mike Conovan
Arlene Dahl as Gloria Conovan
Gloria DeHaven as Lili
Tom Drake as Detective C.C. Gordon
Leon Ames as Captain A.C. Forster
John McIntire as Detective Fred Piper
Donald Woods as Bob Herkimer
Norman Lloyd as Sleeper
Jerome Cowan as Arthur Webson
Tom Powers as Umpire Menafoe
Richard Benedict as Turk Kingby
Anthony Caruso as Tony Rutzo
Robert Gist as P.J. Pontiac
Romo Vincent as Hippo
Tom Helmore as Norrie Lorfield
Caleb Peterson as Loomis
William Haade as Lafe Douque

Runtime: 94 Minutes