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Sea Wife 1957 DVD - Joan Collins / Richard Burton

After their vessel is sunk by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Singapore during World War II, a beautiful nun (Joan Collins), a black purser (Cy Grant), a military officer (Richard Burton) and a racist businessman (Basil Sydney) escape in a small lifeboat. Tensions mount as the group drifts through the ocean, rations supplies and struggles to survive under the harsh sun. The military officer soon falls in love with the nun, unaware of her true identity.


Joan Collins as Sea Wife
Richard Burton as Biscuit
Basil Sydney as Bulldog
Cy Grant as Number Four
Ronald Squire as Clubman
Harold Goodwin as Daily Telegraph Clerk
Roddy Hughes as Club Barman
Gibb McLaughlin as Club Porter
Lloyd Lamble as Captain 'San Felix'
Ronald Adam as Army Padre
Nicholas Hannen as Elderly Passenger
Beatrice Varley as Elderly Nun

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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