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Shoot First 1953 DVD - Joel McCrea / Laurence Naismith

U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Robert Taine and his wife Cecily live in a village in England. While hunting on some land he has recently purchased, he shoots a load of buckshot at a man he thinks is a poacher but, upon examination, he discovers the man is dead and believes,at first, he has killed him. With the police and the Secret Service chasing him, he trails a suspect to London and this leads him to an espionage gang.


Joel McCrea as Lt. Col. Robert Tanie
Evelyn Keyes as Cecily Paine
Herbert Lom as Sandorski
Roland Culver as Randall
Marius Goring as Hiart
Frank Lawton as Hassingham
Patricia Laffan as Magda
Cyril Raymond as Cartwright
Karel Stepanek as Diss
Jack McNaughton as Inspector Matthews           
Clement McCallin as Inspector Sullivan
David Hurst as Lex
Denis Lehrer as Reimann
Laurence Naismith as Blossom
Megs Jenkins as Mrs. Powell
Robert Dickens as Tommy
Arnold Bell as Sergeant Baines
Ellis Irving as Wharton
Joan Hickson as Station announcer

Runtime: 88 Minutes

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