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Sign of the Pagan 1954 DVD - Jeff Chandler / Jack Palance

Roman centurion Marcian is captured by Attila the Hun en route to Constantinople, but escapes. On arrival, he finds the eastern Roman emperor Theodosius plotting with Attila to look the other way while the latter marches against Rome. But Marcian gains the favor of Pulcheria, lovely sister of Theodosius, who favors a united Empire. As Attila marches, things look bleak for the weakened imperial forces. But the conqueror has an awe of the power of the Christians' God.


Jeff Chandler as Marcian
Jack Palance as Attila
Ludmilla Tcherina as Princess Pulcheria
Rita Gam as Kubra
Jeff Morrow as General Paulinus
George Dolenz as Emperor Theodosius II
Eduard Franz as Astrologer
Allison Hayes as Ildico
Alexander Scourby as Chrysaphius
Howard Petrie as Gundahar
Michael Ansara as Edecon
Leo Gordon as Bleda
Moroni Olsen as Pope Leo I
Fred Nurney as Chamberlain
Sara Shane as Myra
Pat Hogan as Sangiban
Robo Bechi as Chilothe
Charles Hovarth as Olt
Glenn Thompson as Seyte
Chuck Robertson as Mirrai
Walter Coy as Emperor Valentinian III

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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