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Soldier of Fortune 1955 DVD - Clark Gable / Susan Hayward

In the 1950s, a US journalist is imprisoned in Communist China as a suspected spy. His wife arrives in Honk Kong determined to find him.


Clark Gable as Hank Lee
Susan Hayward as Jane Hoyt
Michael Rennie as Inspector Merryweather, Hong Kong Marine Police
Gene Barry as Louis Hoyt
Alexander D'Arcy as Rene Dupont Chevalier (as Alex D'Arcy)
Tom Tully as Tweedie, Owner of Tweedie's Bar
Anna Sten as Madame Dupree
Russell Collins as Icky, Piano Player
Leo Gordon as Big Matt
Richard Loo as General Po Lin, an impoverished exile who offers to guide Jane to Macao to see Rocha, but is taken off the ferry by the Communists
Soo Yong as Dak Lai
Frank Tang as Capt. Ying Fai (Chicago)
Jack Kruschen as Austin Stoker, Lee's assistant
Mel Welles as Fernand Rocha

Runtime: 96 Minutes

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