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Stanley and Livingstone 1939 DVD - Spencer Tracy / Nancy Kelly

When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone, the missing Scottish missionary. Stanley finds Livingstone ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume.") blissfully doling out medicine and religion to the happy natives. His story is at first disbelieved. When Livingstone later dies, Stanley returns to continue the good doctor's work (which, of course, never really happened).


Spencer Tracy as Henry M. Stanley
Nancy Kelly as Eve Kingsley
Richard Greene as Gareth Tyce
Walter Brennan as Jeff Slocum
Charles Coburn as Lord Tyce
Cedric Hardwicke as Dr. David Livingstone
Henry Hull as James Gordon Bennett, Jr.
Henry Travers as John Kingsley
Miles Mander as Sir John Gresham
David Torrence as Mr. Cranston
Holmes Herbert as Sir Frederick Holcomb
C. Montague Shaw as Sir Oliver French (as Montague Shaw)
Brandon Hurst as Sir Henry Forrester
Hassan Said as Hassan
Paul Harvey as Colonel Grimes
Russell Hicks as Peace Commissioner
Frank Dae as Peace Commissioner

Runtime: 101 Minutes

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