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Stella 1950 DVD - Ann Sheridan / Victor Mature

Stella is a 1950 black comedy film starring Ann Sheridan, Victor Mature and Leif Erickson. When a relative dies in an accident, family members worry that they will be suspected of murder, so they bury the body, but that does not solve anything.

This was Hobart Cavanaugh's last film; he knew he did not have long to live and collapsed twice on set, but was determined to see it through.


Ann Sheridan as Stella Bevans
Victor Mature as Jeff DeMarco
Leif Erickson as Fred Anderson Jr.
David Wayne as Carl Granger
Randy Stuart as Claire
Marion Marshall as Mary
Frank Fontaine as Don
Evelyn Varden as Flora
Lea Penman as Mrs. Calhoun
Joyce MacKenzie as Peggy Denny
Hobart Cavanaugh as Tim Gross

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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