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That Wonderful Urge 1948 DVD - Tyrone Power / Gene Tierney

An investigative reporter uses a ruse to meet Sara Fowler, a grocery-store heiress he's been writing unflattering things about. He gets her to start talking about herself and finds her down-to-earth and engaging, but before he can publish an honest and admiring story, she finds out who he is, assumes he's going to write more lies, and sets out to undercut him by announcing to the press that the two of them are married. In trying to get the truth out, he loses his job, the two of them spend time in jail, and the stakes escalate. Finally, he sues her for libel, and a court tries to set things right.


Gene Tierney as Sara Farley
Tyrone Power as Thomas Jefferson Tyler
Reginald Gardiner as Count Andre De Guyon
Arleen Whelan as Jessica Woods
Lucile Watson as Aunt Cornelia Farley

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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