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The 49th Man 1953 DVD - John Ireland / Richard Denning

U.S.Security Investigation Division chief Paul Reagan (Richard Denning) assigns John Williams (John Ireland) to hunt down a subversive group that has been smuggling A-bomb parts into the United States in specially designed cases. Williams traces the ring to Marseilles, France, where he meets Margo Wayne (Suzanne Dalbert) at a waterfront café and discovers she is part of the plot. When recalled by Reagan, Williams is informed that he has been engaged in a "war games" security check to test America's atomic defense, but he proves to Reagan that enemy agents are actually using the "war games" as a front to smuggle an A-bomb into the country.


John Ireland as SID agent John Williams
Richard Denning as SID chief Paul Reagan
Suzanne Dalbert as Margo Wayne
Peter Marshall as Leo Wayne
Robert Foulk as Commander Jackson
Mike Connors as Ensign Magrew (credited as "Touch Conners")
Richard Avonde as Buzz Olin
Robert Hunter as SID agent Andy, alias Andre
Tommy Farrell as SID agent Reynolds
Chris Alcaide as SID agent Manning
Jean Del Val as SID agent Maurice Leroux
George Dee as Pierre Neff

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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