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The Amateur Gentleman 1936 DVD - Douglas Fairbanks Jr. / Elissa Landi

A former boxing champion, now an innkeeper, is accused of stealing a watch from a party of guests at his inn, who happen to be members of English royalty. The old man is arrested and thrown in prison. His son, knowing that his father didn't steal the watch and suspecting a frame-up, follows the royal party to London, where he poses as a wealthy "gentleman" and insinuates himself into the English court in an effort to find out who framed his father and why.


Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as John Beverley aka Barnabas Barty
Elissa Landi as Lady Cleone Meredith
Gordon Harker as Natty Bell
Basil Sydney as Louis Chichester
Hugh Williams as Lord Ronald Meredith
Irene Browne as Lady Huntstanton
Athole Stewart as Marquess of Comberhurst
Coral Browne as Pauline Darville
Margaret Lockwood as Georgina Huntstanton
Esme Percy as John Townsend
Frank Bertram as Belcher
Gilbert Davis as Prince Regent
Frank Pettingell as John Barty

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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