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The Amazing Adventure 1936 DVD - Cary Grant / Mary Brian

Ernest Bliss (Cary Grant) is a rich socialite suffering boredom. He makes a bet with a doctor, Sir James Aldroyd, that he can live a year without relying on any of his inherited wealth. He loses the bet for £50,000 when he has to draw money to wed poverty stricken Frances Clayton (Mary Brian), to save her from an unhappy marriage of convenience.


Cary Grant – Ernest Bliss
Mary Brian – Frances Clayton
Peter Gawthorne – Sir James Alroyd
Henry Kendall – Lord Honiton
Leon M. Lion – Dorrington
John Turnbull – Masters
Arthur Hardy – Crawley
Iris Ashley – Clare
Garry Marsh – The Buyer
Andreas Malandrinos – Guiseppi
Alfred Wellesley – Montague
Runtime: 61 Minutes
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