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The Atomic Kid 1954 DVD - Mickey Rooney / Robert Strauss

A uranium prospector is eating a peanut butter sandwich in the desert where atom bomb tests are being done. He becomes radioactive, and helps the FBI break up an enemy spy ring.


Mickey Rooney as Barnaby 'Blix' Waterberry
Robert Strauss as Stan Cooper
Elaine Devry as Audrey Nelson
Bill Goodwin as Dr. Rodell
Robert Emmett Keane as Mr. Reynolds
Whit Bissell as Dr. Edgar Pangborn
Joey Forman as MP in hospital
Dan Riss as Jim, FBI Chief Agent
Peter Leeds as FBI Agent Bill
Hal March as FBI Agent Ray
George E. Mather as 1st Sergeant
Fay Roope as Gen. Lawlor
Bill Welsh as Commentator
Stanley Adams as Wildcat Hooper
Robert Nichols as Bob (Technician)
Paul Dubov as Anderson (advertising agent)
Peter Brocco as Comrade Mosley
Trustin Howard as Corporal
Charles J. Conrad as Scientist
Sig Frohlich as Photographer
Milton Frome as Communications man

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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