The Beginning or the End 1947 DVD - Brian Donlevy / Robert Walker

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Docudrama on the development of the first atomic bomb. Told from the perspective of a film recovered from a time capsule several hundred years into the future, the story is narrated by Robert Oppenheimer (Hume Cronyn) and Major General Leslie Groves (Brian Donlevy) beginning with the Nazis stated goal of developing an atomic bomb. Along with Britain and Canada, the U.S. reacts by beginning its own atomic program. The major developments are all presented: Fermi's successful atomic chain reaction; building the huge complex at Oak Ridge, Tenn.; the production of the first supply of plutonium; the testing in the Nevada desert; and finally the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.


Brian Donlevy as Major General Leslie R. Groves
Robert Walker as Colonel Jeff Nixon
Tom Drake as Matt Cochran
Beverly Tyler as Anne Cochran
Audrey Totter as Jean O'Leary
Hume Cronyn as Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer
Hurd Hatfield as Dr. John Wyatt
Joseph Calleia as Dr. Enrico Fermi
Godfrey Tearle as President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Victor Francen as Dr. Marre
Richard Haydn as Dr. Chisholm
Jonathan Hale as Dr. Vannevar Bush
John Litel as K. T. Keller
Henry O'Neill as General Thomas F. Farrell
Warner Anderson as Captain William S. Parsons
Barry Nelson as Colonel Paul Tibbets, Jr., pilot of the Enola Gay
Art Baker as President Harry S. Truman
Ludwig Stössel as Dr. Albert Einstein

Runtime: 112 Minutes

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