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The Big Broadcast of 1938 DVD - W.C. Fields / Martha Raye

New ocean liner S.S. Gigantic is about to race its rival, the Colossal. Gigantic owner T.F. Bellows sends his brother S.B. on the Colossal, hoping he will cause trouble; delayed by a golf game, S.B. lands on Gigantic instead, and so does his unlucky daughter Martha. Meanwhile, radio emcee Buzz Fielding announces a series of musical acts and tries to juggle fiancée Dorothy and three ex-wives who've come for the ride. Can the Gigantic win against all handicaps? Will true love triumph?


W. C. Fields as T. Frothingill Bellows and S. B. Bellows
Martha Raye as Martha Bellows
Dorothy Lamour as Dorothy Wyndham
Shirley Ross as Cleo Fielding
Lynne Overman as Scoop McPhail
Bob Hope as Buzz Fielding
Ben Blue as Mike
Leif Erickson as Bob Hayes
John Serry, Sr. as Himself
Russell Hicks as Captain Stafford
Billy Daniels, Leonid Kinskey, Bernard Punsly, Irving Bacon, James Craig

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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