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The Big Chase 1954 DVD - Glenn Langan / Adele Jergens


Plot has Korean-War vet Grayson returning and joining the L.A. Police Academy, which we learn in a flashback told by Police Lt. Ned Daggert to story-hunting reporter Milton Graves We also learn that Pete's wife Doris is pregnant and concerned about her husband's safety.Meanwhile, in the state prison, inmates Brad Bellows and Jim Meggs are planning a big heist as soon as Brad gets out of prison. The caper they pull, and the resultant chase, all over Hollywood, Los Angelese and a large portion of Southern California, involving Grayson shows that his wife's concern was more than warranted.


Pete Grayson    Glenn Langan
Doris Grayson    Adele Jergens
Kip    Lon Chaney Jr
Ned Daggert    Douglas Kennedy
Jim Bellows    Jay Lawrence

Runtime: 60 Minutes

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