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The Big Knife 1955 DVD - Jack Palance / Ida Lupino


Charles, a successful Hollywood actor, is married to Marion who is about to leave him. He is being pressurised by his studio boss to renew his contract for seven years, for which he is not very keen.


Jack Palance as Charlie Castle
Ida Lupino as Marion Castle
Wendell Corey as Smiley Coy
Jean Hagen as Connie Bliss
Rod Steiger as Stanley Shriner Hoff
Shelley Winters as Dixie Evans
Ilka Chase as Patty Benedict
Everett Sloane as Nat Danziger
Wesley Addy as Horatio "Hank" Teagle
Paul Langton as Buddy Bliss
Nick Dennis as Mickey Feeney
Bill Walker as Russell
Michael Winkelman as Billy Castle

Runtime: 111 Minutes

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