The Big Shot 1942 DVD - Humphrey Bogart / Irene Manning

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Three time loser Duke Berne risks life in prison with one more armored car robbery. His attorney's wife Lorna, Berne's old sweetheart, keeps him from it but he goes to jail anyway. Duke and Lorna get some time together again after he stages a prison break, but if he stays with her his old friend George will have to take the rap for killing one of the guards.


Humphrey Bogart as Joseph "Duke" Berne
Irene Manning as Lorna Fleming
Richard Travis as George Anderson
Susan Peters as Ruth Carter
Stanley Ridges as Martin T. Fleming
Minor Watson as Warden George Booth
Chick Chandler as Frank "Dancer" Smith
Joe Downing as Frenchy (as Joseph Downing)
Howard Da Silva as Sandor
Murray Alper as Quinto
Roland Drew as Faye
John Ridgely as Tim
Joe King as Prosecutor Toohey (as Joseph King)
John Hamilton as Judge
Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Booth
William Edmunds as Sarto
Virginia Sale as Mrs. Miggs
Ken Christy as Kat
Wallace Scott as Rusty

This has a Tv Logo in the Top Left hand Corner.

Runtime: 82 Minutes