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The Black Widow 1951 DVD - Christine Norden / Robert Ayres


Mark Sherwin is the victim of a brutal beating and car theft. The thief dies in a crash, Mark suffers from amnesia, and recuperates on a horse-training property. Discovering a clue, he returns home to find he had been declared dead, his wife welcomes him back, only to plan a real death for him so she and his best friend, with whom she is having an affair, can obtain his substantial wealth.


Christine Norden as Christine Sherwin
Robert Ayres as Mark Sherwin
Jennifer Jayne as Sheila Kemp
Anthony Forwood as Paul Kenton
John Longden as Mr. Kemp
John Harvey as Dr. Wallace
Reginald Dyson as Police Sergeant
Joan Carol as Hotel Desk Clerk
Madoline Thomas as Housekeeper
Jill Hulbert as Helen

Runtime: 62 Minutes

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