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The Blazing Forest 1952 DVD - John Payne / William Demarest

Kelly Hansen, the tough boss of a timber crew clearing property owned by Jessie Crain and her niece, Sharon Wilks, is, unknown to anybody else, working to pay back money stolen by his brother, Joe Roberts, who has a changed name, and no love for his brother. Just as the debt is about paid-off, Joe is killed in a truck accident, which starts a blazing forest fire.


John Payne as Kelly Hansen
William Demarest as Syd Jessup
Agnes Moorehead as Jessie Crain
Richard Arlen as Joe Morgan
Susan Morrow as Sharon Wilks
Roscoe Ates as Beans
Lynne Roberts as Grace Hanson
Walter Reed as Max
Ewing Mitchell as Walt

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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