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The Body Disappears 1941 DVD - Jeffrey Lynn / Jane Wyman


Unconscious after his bachelor party, Peter De Haven (Jeffrey Lynn) is transported by his friends to the college dissecting room as a practical joke. Professor Shotesbury (Edward Everett Horton) mistakenly injects him with a serum that makes him invisible. While invisible, De Haven learns that his fiancee, Christine (Marguerite Chapman), is only marrying him for his money. He also falls in love with Shotesbury's daughter, Joan (Jane Wyman). Meanwhile, Shotesbury is committed to a sanitarium by his colleagues for his claims about invisible monkeys and men. De Haven and Joan, by this time also invisible, go to release Shotesbury from the mental hospital, which they achieve by making him invisible as well. All the while time is running out for De Haven to receive an antidote. In the end, all receive the antidote, and De Haven ends up with Joan


Jeffrey Lynn as Peter De Haven III
Jane Wyman as Joan Shotesbury
Edward Everett Horton as Professor Shotesbury
Herbert Anderson as George "Doc" Appleby
Marguerite Chapman as Christine Lunceford
Craig Stevens as Robert Struck
David Bruce as Jimmie Barbour
Willie Best as Willie
Ivan F. Simpson as Dean Claxton (as Ivan Simpson)
Tod Andrews as Bill (as Michael Ames)
William Hopper as Terrence Abbott (as DeWolf Hopper)
Natalie Schafer as Mrs. Lunceford
Charles Halton as Prof. Moggs
Sidney Bracey as Barrett (as Sidney Bracy)
Wade Boteler as Inspector Deming

Runtime: 72 Minutes

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