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The Case Of Mrs Loring 1958 DVD - Julie London / Anthony Steel

Mark Loring is madly jealous of his wife, Mary, former American cabaret singer. Due to an automobile accident, she loses her unborn child, and Mark becomes sterile. His father, Brit-stuffy Sir John Loring, has never approved of the marriage and, again, tries to break it up. Believing that a child will hold the marriage together, Mary suggests artificial insemination to Mark, who finally agrees to accompany her to a clinic in Switzerland. However, when she is again pregnant, Mark finds it impossible to reconcile himself to the situation and leaves her. Prompted by his father, Mark sues for divorce, accusing her of adultery. She contests the divorce and a trial concerns itself with whether or not artificial insemination is a question of adultery.


Julie London as Mary Loring
Anthony Steel as Mark Loring
Basil Sydney as Sir John Loring
Donald Houston as Mr. Jacobus
Anton Diffring as Carl Dieter
Andrew Cruickshank as Dr. Cameron
Frank Thring as Mr. Stanley
Conrad Phillips as Mario
Kynaston Reeves as Judge
Mary Mackenzie as Nurse Parsons
Georgina Cookson as Mrs. Duncan
Richard Caldicot as Mr. Duncan
John Rae as Jury Foreman

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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