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The Common Touch 1941 DVD - Greta Gynt / Geoffrey Hibbert

On the death of his father, an eighteen-year old lad leaves school to take over the family firm in the City of London. Realising the other directors want to keep him in the dark he starts asking questions, and is soon undercover as a down-and-out in a hostel which will disappear if a company building project goes ahead.


Geoffrey Hibbert - Peter Henderson
Harry Welchman - 'Lincoln's Inn'
Greta Gynt - Sylvia Meadows
Joyce Howard - Mary
Edward Rigby - Tich
Bransby Williams - Ben
George Carney - Charlie
Eliot Makeham - Inky
Raymond Lovell - Cartwright
John Longden - Stuart Gordon
Wally Patch - Nobby
Edgar Driver - 'Oily'
Bernard Miles - Perkins
Jerry Verno - Office Messenger
Charles Carson - Haywood
John Slater - Joe
Bill Fraser - Harris
Dennis Wyndham - Commissionaire
Mark Hambourg - down-and-out pianist nicknamed 'Chopin'

Runtime: 104 Minutes

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