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The Crime Doctor's Courage 1945 DVD - Warner Baxter / Hillary Brooke

Famed psychologist Dr. Robert Ordway (Warner Baxter), a reformed ex-convict dedicated to the cause of justice, receives a distressing message from an old friend, Kathleen Carson (Hillary Brooke). It seems that Carson's husband, globe-trotting adventurer Gordon (Stephen Crane), has just been murdered -- and Kathleen is the prime suspect. Hoping to clear her name, the good doctor follows a trail of troubling clues and struggles to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome death.


Warner Baxter as Dr. Robert Ordway
Ellen Drew as Irene Cotter
William Frawley as Inspector Harry B. Manning
Frank Sully as Rigger
Claire Carleton as Ruby Farrell
Bernard Nedell as Waldo
Jack Lee as Sgt. Bradley
Francis Pierlot as Gerald Cotter

Runtime: 61 Minutes

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