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The Crooked Way 1949 DVD - John Payne / Sonny Tufts

A World War II veteran, suffering from amnesia but otherwise healthy, is released from a veteran's hospital, decides to return to Los Angeles to see if he can regain his identity. Trying to retrace his former steps he soon learns that he was a double-crossing gangster, and many people have reasons to wish he wasn't around...and some try to see to it that he isn't around very long...alive, at least.


John Payne as Eddie Rice aka Eddie Riccardi
Sonny Tufts as Vince Alexander
Ellen Drew as Nina Martin
Rhys Williams as Lieutenant Joe Williams
Percy Helton as Petey
John Doucette as Sgt. Barrett
Charles Evans as Captain Anderson
Greta Granstedt as Hazel Downs
Raymond Largay as Arthur Stacey, M.D.
Harry Bronson as Danny
Hal Baylor as Coke
Don Haggerty as Hood
Jack Overman as Hood
Crane Whitley as Doctor Kemble/Off-Screen Narrator
John Harmon as Kelly
Esther Howard as nosey hotel desk clerk

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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