The Day They Robbed the Bank of England 1960 DVD - Aldo Ray / Elizabeth Sellars

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London at the turn of the century in 1901. Three men are on a mission from the IRA to steal all the gold in the vaults of the Bank of England. Norgate, their leader, discovers the bank's weak spot: an old forgotten sewer straight under the vaults. But they have to deal with captain Fitch, a young but suspicious bank guard.


Aldo Ray – Norgate
Elizabeth Sellars – Iris Muldoon
Peter O'Toole – Captain Fitch
Kieron Moore – Walsh
Albert Sharpe – Tosher
Joseph Tomelty -Cohoun
Wolf Frees – Dr. Hagen
John Le Mesurier – Green
Miles Malleson – Assistant Curator
Colin Gordon – Keeper
Andrew Keir – Sergeant of the Guard
Hugh Griffith – O'Shea

Runtime: 85 Minutes