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The Doolins of Oklahoma 1949 DVD - Randolph Scott / George Macready

When the Daltons are killed at Coffeeville, gang member Bill Doolin arriving late escapes but kills a man. Now wanted for murder, he becomes the leader of the Doolin gang. He eventually leaves the gang and tries to start a new life under a new name. But the old gang members appear and his true identity becomes known. So once again he becomes an outlaw trying to escape from the law.


Randolph Scott as Bill Doolin / Bill D
Louise Allbritton as Rose of Cimarron 
George Macready as Marshal Sam Hughes 
Dona Drake as Cattle Annie 
John Ireland as Bitter Creek 
Virginia Huston as Elaine Burton 
Charles Kemper as Arkansas 
Noah Beery Jr. as Little Bill 
Robert H. Barrat as Heck Thomas 
Lee Patrick as Melissa Price 
Griff Barnettas Deacon Burton 
Frank Fenton as Red Buck 
James Kirkwood as Rev. Mears 
Robert Osterloh as Wichita 
Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Burton 
John Sheehan as Dunn 
Jock Mahoney as Tulsa Jack 
Al Bridge 
Stanley Andrews as Sheriff

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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