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The Dummy Talks 1943 DVD - Jack Warner / Claude Hulbert

Set over the course of one night, the story takes place in and around a London theatre. A series of contemporary acts are seen both performing on stage and socialising backstage. The murder of a ventriloquist takes place and two policemen, who happen to be at the theatre tracking a banknote forger, set to work finding the culprit. Ultimately, the key suspects are rounded up and a mind-reader puts on a show to reveal the killer. He's helped by a midget dressed as the dummy, hence the title.


Jack Warner - Jack
Claude Hulbert - Victor Harbord
Beryl Orde - Beryl
Evelyn Darvell - Peggy
Hy Hazell - Maya (credited as Derna Hazell)
Manning Whiley - Russell Warren
Charles Carson - Marvello ("The Man With the Radio Mind")
G.H. Mulcaster - Piers Harriman
John Carol - Jimmy Royce
Gordon Edwards - Marcus
Max Earl - Yates
Ivy Benson and her all Ladies Band - Themselves
Frederick Sylvester & Nephew (Eric Mudd also played the "dummy") - Themselves
Tommy Manley & Florence Austin ("Music Hath Charms") - Themselves
Cecil Ayres with the Skating Avalons - Themselves
Mann & Read ("Jugglers with Fun")- Themselves
Five Lai Founs (" Modern Chinese Wonders") - Themselves
Jeannie White and her Stepsisters - Themselves

Runtime: 85 Minutes

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