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The Fake 1953 DVD - Dennis O'Keefe / Coleen Gray

An American has to guard da Vinci's "Madonna and Child" when it is being shown in Britain. When it arrives he suspects it is not the real painting.


Dennis O'Keefe - Paul Mitchell
Coleen Gray - Mary Mason
Hugh Williams - Sir Richard Aldingham
Guy Middleton - Smith
John Laurie - Henry Mason
Eliot Makeham - Pavement Artist
Gerald Case - Peter Randall
Seymour Green - Weston
Stanley Van Beers - Cartwright
Dora Bryan - Barmaid
Ellen Pollock - Miss Fossett
Philip Ray - Bearded Tramp
Morris Sweden - Pettigrew
Michael Ward - Art Salesman
Arnold Bell - Police Inspector
Clifford Buckton - Lodging House Keeper
Marianne Noelle - Girl Student
Leslie Phillips - Boy Student
Billie Whitelaw - Waitress
Tom Clegg - 1st Thug
Guy Deghy - Stranger
John Wadham - Thug
Frank Atkinson - Tate Gallery Attendant
Johnnie Schofield - Tate Gallery Attendant
Leonard Sharp - Tate Gallery Attendants

Runtime: 80 Minutes

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