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The Fighting Rats of Tobruk 1944 DVD - Grant Taylor / Peter Finch

Tells the story of three men Bluey, a tough two fisted drover (Taylor), Milo, a laconic dingo trapper (Rafferty), and Pete, an intellectual English "new chum" (Finch). Together they serve in North Africa, fighting against the forces of Rommel in what has now become one of Australia's greatest wartime legends The Rats of Tobruk.


Grant Taylor as Bluey Donkin
Peter Finch as Peter Linton
Chips Rafferty as Milo Trent
George Wallace as the barber of Tobruk
Pauline Garrick as Kate Carmody
Mary Gay as Sister Mary Ellis
Joe Valli as the Northumberland Fusilier
John Sherwood
Walter Pym
Norman Blackler
Gilbert Ellis
Robert Carlyle
Joe Anderson
Toni Villa as Japanese soldier

Runtime: 68 Minutes

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