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The File on Thelma Jordon 1950 DVD - Barbara Stanwyck / Wendell Corey

Thelma Jordon is in love with a jewel thief, Tony Laredo, and he persuades her to go live with her rich aunt, and steal her jewels. During the robbery, she shoots her formerly-rich aunt, but makes it look like an outside job. Cleve Marshall, an assistant district attorney, is assigned the case, promptly falls in love with Thelma (and she with him), and he maneuvers and presents the state's case against her in such a manner that she wins an acquittal. And, then, Tony shows up. And nothing, from this point, works out favorable for THelma, Clive or Tony.


Barbara Stanwyck as Thelma Jordon
Wendell Corey as Cleve Marshall
Paul Kelly as Miles Scott
Joan Tetzel as Pamela Marshall
Stanley Ridges as Kingsley Willis
Richard Rober as Tony Laredo
Gertrude W. Hoffmann as Aunt Vera Edwards

Runtime: 100 Minutes

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