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The Frozen Ghost 1945 DVD - Lon Chaney Jr / Evelyn Ankers

Stage mentalist Gregor the Great becomes enraged when a drunken audience member belittles his act. When the man dies suddenly, Gregor convinces himself that his hypnotic powers are to blame. Guilt-ridden, he retires from performing to Valerie Monet's wax museum. He becomes increasingly stressed when he is pursued romantically by Valerie, her niece, and his former stage assistant, Maura Daniel. When Valerie mysteriously disappears, it is apparent that sinister forces are at work in the museum.


Lon Chaney, Jr. ... Alex Gregor aka Gregor the Great
Evelyn Ankers ... Maura Daniel
Milburn Stone ... George Keene
Douglass Dumbrille ... Inspector Brant
Martin Kosleck ... Dr. Rudi Polden
Elena Verdugo ... Nina Coudreau
Tala Birell ... Valerie Monet
Arthur Hohl ... Drunk Contestant

Runtime: 61 Minutes

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