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The Golden Blade 1953 DVD - Rock Hudson / Piper Laurie

Harum (Rock Hudson) is a fearless man of the people who comes to Bagdad to avenge the murder of his father and meets Krairuzan (Piper Laurie), a princess disguised as a commoner, working against a plot by a band of evil schemers trying to do away with her father, the Caliph. She gives Harum a golden sword which, in his hands, makes him invincible. Harum uses the sword in the name of justice and is doing quite well until a duplicate sword is placed in his scabbard during one of his off-guard moments, and he winds up in chains.


Rock Hudson as Harun
Piper Laurie as Princess Khairuzan
Gene Evans as Captain Hadi
George Macready as Jafar
Kathleen Hughes as Bakhamra
Steven Geray as Barcus
Edgar Barrier as the Caliph
Alice Kelley as Handmaiden
Anita Ekberg as Handmaiden
Erika Nordin as Handmaiden
Valerie Jackson as Handmaiden
Victor Romito as Sherkan

Runtime: 81 Minutes

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